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How it works FAQ
You are not sure what to do, are you? See detailed instructions (guide) in 10 steps below, how to purchase a ticket from the comfort of home successfully and without waiting in queueing at the cash desk as well.

1. Login (Log in to your account or create the registration required to purchase tickets.) The purchase cannot be made for an unregistered, not logged in person.

2. Once you have completed the login, you can go to the ticket type choice.

Tip: It is important that you fill in the correct delivery address upon registration. If delivered by post, you would not receive your ticket.

3. Choice of ticket type and skiing date - Choose the type of ticket and the category which the person who wants to go skiing belongs to (Adult, Junior/Senior, Child), Select the date when you want to go skiing. The selected date is the first day of your skiing as well.

4. Person selection and another person adding - choose the person who you purchase the ticket for or create another person, who you want to purchase the ticket for, with a ´+´ pictogram.

5. If you want to create another skier profile, fill in the name, surname and year of birth. If the skier owns a SNOWPASS card, tick the "has a card assigned" box and write down the card number. If the skier does not have a card, continue with the ADD PERSON button.

6. After persons and the date of skiing choosing, the tickets are added to the shopping bag.

7. Delivery method - Czech Post - the ticket is delivered to the registered address within 4 days.

8. Choice of predefined payment methods.

9. Order completing and payment.

10. Wait for the email of confirmation with the information

Snowpass is a non-refundable card.