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You get 5-10% discounts on online skipass purchase.

You can purchase your Snowpass card at Snowhill ski areas ticket offices or online:
Snowpass card price is 50 CZK and it is registered. There is a charge 89 CZK 1 letter.

Skipasses for the Herlíkovice - Bubákov, Kamenec, Šachty and Mariánky ski areas.

Only registered Snowpass card can be used for online purchase. The other type of cards purchased at the ticket office cannot be registered or used for online purchases.

ISIC / ALIVE card holders can register their card in to their e-shop personal profile.
20% discount is provided automatically - more information
O2 discount -
When I am an owner of the registered Snowpass card, I can purchase my skiing 30 minutes prior it and then go skiing directly.

You can purchase for the whole bus, but each person needs to have her/his registered Snowpass card.

As many as you want, the number is not limited. You can purchase skipasses to all weekends in the winter season in advance if you want.

For the help contact, please, infoline. The phone no.: Herlíkovice +420 737 222 456 or Bubákov +420 602 240 008.

Please wait for the CONFIRMING E-MAIL with infomation.

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